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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & 360 Video

METECS has been a partner with NASA for many years helping to develop graphics capabilities for real-time simulation scene visualization using both custom game engines as well as commercially available ones. This development has spawned many VR, AR, and mixed reality solutions for NASA programs including Artemis, ISS, Orion, Space Shuttle, and many other advanced exploration and flight operations projects.

Whether it’s training, tradeshows, museum exhibits, pre-visualization or maintenance & operation, our exclusive team works with the latest technology and HMDs to get your job done on time and, more importantly, on budget.

Our projects include:

  • 3D Interactive Simulation

  • Gamification of Training

  • Virtual Showrooms

  • Educational and Historical Museum Exhibits

  • Tradeshow Experiences

  • Product Demonstrations

Development for Oculus, HTC, Hololens and Magic Leap platforms.

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