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METECS has extensive experience developing advanced custom software for both government and industrial applications. 

We develop, maintain, and certify the human-rated core Flight System (cFS) embedded software infrastructure at Johnson Space Center that is used to support new and existing human spaceflight projects. We also develop cFS applications for spaceflight projects such as the Orion spacecraft.  Our team has also developed a FreeRTOS port of cFS aimed at the satellite industry and a Trick-based simulation environment for cFS application development.

We support embedded software development infrastructures including target system emulators, virtual data bus environments, and simulated environments. In addition to our government work, we have developed a proprietary virtual CANBus library that is being used in the agriculture industry for development of next generation farming equipment. We also develop embedded applications for exploration technology development projects being tested on the International Space Station, such as the RFID Enabled Automated Logistics Management (REALM) infrastructure and the Miniature Exercise Device (MED-2).

Our team has expertise in developing custom web services software including orchestration software for operations and test facilities, data mining and visualization of ISS logistics data, and enterprise-wide distribution portals for training and business applications in the energy and agriculture industries.

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