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METECS has significant experience in the multidisciplinary field of robotics systems. 

We currently support software development efforts for the Valkyrie humanoid robot, Robonaut 2, and the Autonomous Systems and Operations (ASO) project at the Johnson Space Center. For each of the systems, we leverage our expertise in the Robot Operating System (ROS) to enhance and extend the capabilities of the robots. Our experience includes development of motion planning algorithms to enhance the robots’ manipulation capabilities, leveraging machine learning for applications from computer vision to grasp planning, and application level development that facilitates robot operation and control.

We also have significant experience in techniques for modeling and control of robotics and active motion systems including coordinated motion control, servo control, and constrained motion scenarios. Our tools and expertise for multibody dynamics analysis of robotic scenarios such as spacecraft servicing and interaction with flexible structures are world class. Examples of recent development efforts at Johnson Space Center include servo control for prototype Exploration Exercise Devices such as the MED-2, and coordinated control and analysis of the Active Vibration Isolation System (VIS) technology development project.


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