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Osage Nation partners with METECS to develop a Childrens Book and Mobile AR App

Updated: Mar 1

The Osage Nation Language Department has taken a significant step towards preserving their Native American language for future generations with the release of their latest project, "Coyote and the Bear." The children's storybook, written in Osage orthography with English translation, has been brought to life with Augmented Reality (AR) functionality, making it an even more engaging and immersive experience for readers of all ages. By scanning the main pages of the book with a smartphone, users can activate custom 3D animations.

This traditional Wahzhazhe story, retold by Master Language teacher Dr. Herman “Mogri” Lookout, has been circulated for generations. The beautiful and playful illustrations by Osage artist Joe Don Brave add an extra layer of richness to the story, making it a must-read for all Osage Nation members and those interested in Native American folklore.

Partnering with METECS, the Osage Nation Language Department has also developed a mobile application that coincides with the physical book. Built with scalability in mind, this app will serve as a digital library for future Osage books, further advancing their mission of preserving the Osage language and culture.

The "Osage Books" app is currently available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. By making this app accessible to everyone, the Osage Nation Language Department hopes to increase interest in the Osage language and culture while making it easier to access their valuable educational resources.

Overall, "Coyote and the Bear" and the "Osage Books" app represent a significant milestone in the Osage Nation's efforts to preserve their language and culture for future generations. Through their continued dedication and collaboration with innovative partners like METECS, they are ensuring that their traditions will be passed down and cherished by generations to come.


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