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Congratulations Robinson bRAiNGERS!

Updated: Mar 1

The Robinson Elementary School (@CCISDSTEM) Robotics Club Teams, known as the "Robinson bRAiNGERS", competed over the weekend in their 2nd @VexRobotics IQ Competition of the season. These students invested many hours into designing, building, programming, and practicing driving their robots. The students were judged based on their scores in the Slapshot 2022-20223 Game, along with their team interviews and engineering notebooks, which document how they progressed through the engineering design process.

Both Robinson teams did very well at this competition, especially in the skills challenges. One of the Robinson teams earned the highest score in the programming skills challenge and was awarded the "Think Award" which "recognizes the most effective and consistent use of coding techniques and programming design solutions to solve the game challenge". The "Think Award" criteria also includes that the "autonomous programming is consistent and reliable" and the "team clearly explains their programming management process".

METECS team member, Angela Reeves, has had the privilege of coaching these bright and talented students this season and METECS sponsored their team shirts. Congratulations Robinson bRAiNGERS!!!


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