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Ditch Witch Introduces HDD VR Simulator

METECS and Ditch Witch have partnered to develop our next generation Horizontal Directional Drill simulator which uses cutting-edge immersive and simulation technologies to provide operators with the experience of operating HDD equipment without the consequences and expense of training on real equipment. Combined with Ditch Witch’s Certified HDD Training curriculum, the simulator helps prepare operators for underground construction by emphasizing safe and effective operation of the HDD equipment. “The Ditch Witch HDD VR Simulator takes our original HDD simulator to a new level of realism by providing OEM Ditch Witch joysticks and completely immersing the operator in a realistic 360-degree virtual jobsite. This significantly reduces the situational awareness transition between training on the simulator and using the actual equipment,” said METECS president John MacLean. For more information about Ditch Witch training and the HDD VR Simulator check out their press release at HDD contractors and education centers can purchase the simulator at their local Ditch Witch dealership.


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