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Congratulations To Thomas Brain

METECS congratulates Thomas Brain for receiving the Superior Assistance Award from the NASA JSC Software, Robotics, and Simulation Division.  The award was for his “technical excellence in development and configuration of simulation real-time performance capabilities for the TS21 ISS training simulation” to meet the 80 Hz real-time frame requirement while providing high fidelity training of Space Station operations.  Thomas incorporated several approaches, one of which included creating the software package Critical Threads, to solve this highly complex problem.  Good work Thomas!

EDGE v2.3 BETA Released

METECS is happy to  announce that we are one step closer to the EDGE v2.3 release with this  BETA  being available for testing.  This release, codenamed “graham”, brings  more fixes, compatibility  updates, and enhancements.  We look forward to getting feedback from all of our BETA testers so we can make the full release even better.

MBDYN v2.10 released

Version 2.10 of the flexible multi-body dynamics package “MBDYN” was released today. Some new features include:

  • Added system center of mass interface routines. Added condition variable of mass matrix.
  • Enhanced Points of Interest (POIs) to handle flex.
  • Moved documents to appropriate docs folder. Added readme for the sims (SIM_README.txt).
  • Added MBDYN presentation to docs area.

Congratulations to the developers of this great product.

EDGE v2.2 released

EDGE v2.2 was released today and represents the culmination of many months of effort, both in bug fixes and new features.

EDGE v2.2 screenshot

A screenshot from EDGE v2.2 showing ISS and HTV

Some of these new features include:

  • Blooming and Ambient Occlusion
  • Auto-iris capability
  • ATI/AMD hardware support
  • Movie recording and offline rendering
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Frame locking across multiple displays
  • Tcl/Tk upgrade to 8.5
  • Trails/Breadcrumbs
  • DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD)
  • Ability to scale models on load
  • TRICK 10 Simulation support
  • New debugging tools
  • Mac support
  • Windows support
  • … many others

Congratulations to all of the developers who have worked so hard on this new release.

EDGE v2.1 Released

A 3D simulation of the space station.The Engineering DOUG Graphics for Exploration (EDGE) completed the release of version 2.1.

EDGE is a real-time 3D graphics product developed at Johnson Space Center and led by METECS.

Congratulations to METECS employee Frank Graffagnino on leading the release of such a
great product, and to all those who contributed to EDGE v2.1 development and testing.

PONG v2.0 Beta Released

METECS is proud to announce the release of version 2.0 beta of PONG. Congratulations
to the employees who have put so much great work into this tool.

PONG is a contact dynamics modeling tool that communicates and interacts with Blender,
an open source graphics package. PONG takes the creations of users within Blender and
exports data files to a real-time contact dynamics engine that can be embedded into
simulations. This engine will provide for detection of contact as well as calculation of
contact and frictional forces. Also, tools for visualization within Blender are included. With
all of these capabilities, PONG has been used to support NASA’s need for engineering
analysis and training with NASA’s TRICK simulations.

METECS would like to graciously thank everyone who has contributed to the
development, testing, and usage of the tool thus far. We looks forward to their continued
support as we work to move PONG v2.0 out of beta in the coming months.