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METECS provides support for Nasa’s Orion Ascent Abort (AA-2 ) project

METECS is proud to provide modeling and simulation support and test automation framework support to the Orion Ascent Abort 2 (AA-2) project. “NASA is targeting June 12 as the launch date for Orion’s Ascent Abort-2 test, a critical milestone for human missions to the Moon! The test will show Orion’s Launch Abort System can carry a crew to safety in case of an emergency during launch.” – Orion Spacecraft


Jake Macneal is a recent graduate of McGill University, with a B.E. in Computer Engineering (2018). As an undergraduate, he was introduced to embedded systems and control theory as a part of his school’s robotics team, competing in Utah for the University Rover Challenge. He has participated in several technical internships in which he wrote assembly firmware for fMRI-compatible patient input devices, built an Android app allowing customers to update their own firmware, and demonstrated a security vulnerability in the CAN Bus protocol. As a NASA undergraduate intern, Jake worked on two projects: one in which he demonstrated the use of a machine learning model to track sensor locations aboard the ISS using WiFi signal strength readings, and another in which he demonstrated the viability of a Xilinx FPGA chip for handling the video encoding and general processing needs required for next-generation HD space suit cameras.
Jake’s main technical interests are functional programming (with an emphasis on the Clojure language), compilers, computer architecture, and machine learning. In his free time, Jake contributes to an open source genomics project, plays classical guitar, enjoys cooking, and is learning Salsa.