METECS is excited to welcome Ahmed Fayed to the team! Fayed is a graduate from Purdue University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics and Computer Science. He was born in Memphis, TN when his parents came from Egypt to the states for their PhDs. He worked on his own microprocessor and his senior design project is titled “Virtual-Reality Based Cognitive Training Program”. Fayed had a Computer Organization & Architecture class where he studied microprocessors. As a sole project he implemented the, codename, “Pride Processor” on an FPGA chip, namely Altera Cyclone IV. It clocked the fasted single core 5-stage pipe lined design microprocessor on campus! He was accepted to publish a research paper on the project in the Intl. Conference on Applied Cognitive Computing in the World Congress of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing 2018 in Las Vegas this past July. The design involves the user wearing both an HTC Vive and an EEG headset. He used their brain to control the VR world around them. The objective was to train focus and improve attention span.

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