METECS is excited to have Joseph Bourque join the team!  Joseph graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science on May, 19th 2018.  While at UT, he began to branch out from application development into lower level systems programming and computer graphics.  As part of his coursework he developed an SD card driver as part of a group operating systems project and and chose to take classes and electives aligned with his interests such as: Compilers, Neural Networks, and Computer Graphics.  While at UT he also completed several side projects on his own time, including: a physical simulation for rolling dice for one of the faculty members in the Math department which is currently being used as a visual aid in curriculum, an undergraduate research project dealing with procedural terrain generation using simplex noise, raw OpenGL and FLTK for a user interface, and created his own pen and paper RPG system interface using Python. Currently he is working on creating a shell for controlling the components for one of his Raspberry Pi projects and is also working to refine the pre-mentioned RPG program. Welcome, Joseph!

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