Monthly Archives: April 2018


METECS is thrilled to have Brett Parrish join the team! Brett received his BSEE degree from the University of Cincinnati and has completed 30+ additional graduate level engineering course hours at the University of Houston and Rice University.  He started as a NASA/JSC coop in 1976, became a full time NASA employee in 1979, retired in Jan 2018 and began working for Metecs in April 2018.  Over the course of his career Brett concentrated on advanced electronics, embedded software and computer LAN design and seventeen of his hardware designs have flown in space.  The early part of Brett’s career centered around analog and digital radio development for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs.  Mid-career centered around upgrading the Shuttle, ISS and MCC communications systems to support emerging commercial interface standards leading to the first computer LANs to fly in space as part of a series of Space Shuttle DTO flight demos.  Brett worked with Intel and Cisco to develop the first Video Teleconferencing system as well as the first telephone system to fly in space at a time when commercial systems could not tolerate the extreme round trip delay, long dropouts and high bit error rate of NASA satellite links.  He is particularly proud to have personally received the second telephone call ever placed by an on-orbit astronaut.  Major NASA awards include the JSC Director’s Commendation, two NASA Exceptional Achievement Medals, the astronaut office Silver Snoopy Award, the NASA Headquarters Outstanding Achievement award, and also JSC center director’s nominations for the Vice President’s Hammer Award and the Rotary Stellar Award.  Several of Brett’s projects have received full page articles in NASA’s Space News Roundup, most notably April 94 “Speed Writing” and June 2001 “ISS Phone Home”. Welcome, Brett!