Monthly Archives: November 2017


METECS is excited to welcome its newest team member, Phuong Nguyen! Phuong graduated with a B.S in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude from University of Houston – Clear Lake. After working on a variety of software projects, she finished a M.S in Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude from American Sentinel University (American College of Computer & Information Sciences). Her first co-op work was creating C parser programs to analyze Space Shuttle Assembly language programs using Live Parsing editor at IBM Houston. After graduation, she participated in a database application and engine development for telecoms, storage companies, and then moved to IT companies for software development to test hardware and verify configuration that automates manufacturing processes. She was also involved in writing server applications for resource partitioning and management before switching to energy companies where she concentrated on desktop tools and applications to automate generating GUIs, client deliverables including images, movies, reports by embedding GUI Objects in the vendor software, and automating the workflow of CoreHD operations on CT images. Additionally, she helped write software to archive acquisition data in various seismic industry standard formats where she was one of the pioneers in the software development group implementing seismic viewer applications using third party SDKs and the image processing using OpenCV. Welcome, Phuong!