METECS is excited to welcome Mini Chacko to the team! Mini graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information systems from University of Houston, Clear Lake, and has 16 years of experience as a Software Engineer in developing, integrating, and testing simulation software for Shuttle, International Space Station (ISS), and Orion projects. The most recent project she worked on is Training Systems for the 21st century (TS21) for International Space Station, where she integrated models and simulation software in JSC Trick based simulation framework, implemented and integrated Binary/ASCII checkpoint with fully integrated International Space Station (ISS), Communication and Tracking Network Simulation (CTNS), and H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) simulations with User Support Systems, created and executed automated test plans, use cases, and scripts using Jenkins to identify and uncover intermittent issues leading to schedule slippage of TS21 testing and verification.


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