Welcome Aboard Danrae

METECS is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Danrae Pray.  Danrae holds a B.S. in Physics with a Minor in Aerospace Engineering from U.T. Arlington and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology with a coursework emphasis in computational sciences / modeling & simulation.  Moreover, he also holds an Engineer-In-Training certification from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and a graduate certificate in Energy Conversion and Transport from MST.  Danrae has over 5 years of software development experience in working on a broad spectrum of projects, in both an academic research and industrial setting, ranging from detector development for particle accelerators to reliable communications protocols for wireless networking to data acquisition / measurement systems as well as geophysics / signal processing algorithms.  In his spare time, Danrae is currently breaking ground on an open-source real-time 3D rendering engine and plans to contribute to existing open-source game engines in the future.  Welcome, Danrae!

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