Monthly Archives: July 2016

Welcome aboard Jesse

We are delighted to welcome aboard the newest addition to the METECS team.  Jesse Berger has a Bachelor’s and Masters’ in Software Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2004-2009). During early years of college, he worked as a Civil Engineering draftsman. As part of the accelerated Master’s program, he had two internships working loadable software on the Boeing 787 program and then working on Lab Engineering software for the International Space Station (ISS) program in Houston. After graduation and for the 7 years following, Jesse worked across many NASA projects both in the ISS sustaining community and new product development programs such as the NASA Docking System (NDS). His primary experience is in full stack Java/C# development, including Database administration, Data Modeling frameworks, code generation, and web application architecture. By 2013, Jesse had become the lead sustaining engineer for the Rig Information Management (RIM) software and the Rig Operational Console (ROC), both are critical products for daily operation of the Software Development Integration Laboratory (SDIL) responsible for software and hardware integration for ISS. He worked as lead simulation architect for the Docking System Emulator (DSE) and scripting automation API architect for Host Vehicle Emulator (HVE) as part of the NDS development. DSE/HVE are test integration equipment running on a single laptop to provide real time software-in-the-loop simulation of hardware, “stewart platform” actuator kinematics and simple contact modeling for development and test/integration of the flight FPGA code controlling all communication and sequencing (docking, checkout, etc) being performed between the vehicle and the docking ring. Through Jesse’s professional and personal endeavors, he has gained significant experience in the Unity game engine, 3D modeling in Blender, and AutoCAD. Outside of his technical skills, his key expertise is in process automation. He was configuration management and process Lead for the SDIL Lab Engineering team for many years and has supported the CMMI Level 3 re-certification process. Welcome aboard Jesse!

Welcome Aboard Danrae

METECS is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Danrae Pray.  Danrae holds a B.S. in Physics with a Minor in Aerospace Engineering from U.T. Arlington and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology with a coursework emphasis in computational sciences / modeling & simulation.  Moreover, he also holds an Engineer-In-Training certification from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and a graduate certificate in Energy Conversion and Transport from MST.  Danrae has over 5 years of software development experience in working on a broad spectrum of projects, in both an academic research and industrial setting, ranging from detector development for particle accelerators to reliable communications protocols for wireless networking to data acquisition / measurement systems as well as geophysics / signal processing algorithms.  In his spare time, Danrae is currently breaking ground on an open-source real-time 3D rendering engine and plans to contribute to existing open-source game engines in the future.  Welcome, Danrae!

Welcome Aboard Lina

METECS is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Lina Xu.  Lina received her Ph.D degree in Physics in 2009, and shortly thereafter joined Bluware, Inc. She served as a geophysics developer for Shell’s in-house interpretation software, Geosigns.   During her 6 years at Bluware, Inc., Lina developed the algorithm and application for seismic data processing which included gridding, filtering and flexing two types of data. Also, she performed gravity/magnetic data processing to aid the seismic interpretation.  Welcome aboard Lina!