Monthly Archives: September 2015


METECS would like to thank the summer 2015 interns for their outstanding work this summer!  Kim Rink created a plugin for Edge that allows users to import waveform models directly and she created a Robonaut gripper contact model simulation to grab an ISS handrail during an IVA.  Matt Casso improved mRest efficiency by updating the algorithm used to gather telemetry shown on mRest displays.  He also integrated both the Robonaut gripper sim and the IDA docking sim with mRest then made GUIs.  Additionally, Matt and Kim enjoyed touring the Mission Control Center Houston, Rocket Park, Neutral Buoyancy Lab, Moon Rock Lab, TS21 Cupola, and Virtual Reality Lab.  Thanks Kim and Matt for joining us this summer and good luck during your fall semester!IMG_20150706_153630