Monthly Archives: May 2015


METECS would like to welcome our newest team member, Adam Merta.  Adam received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering (EE) from Texas A&M University in 2007, and shortly thereafter joined the NASA Johnson Space Center community as a contractor.  He served as a Computer Systems Engineer for facilities including the Trick Lab, CxTF / TS21 Lab, Virtual Reality Lab, SimCity, Robotics Flight Control Trainer (RFCT), Space Station Training Facility (SSTF), Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL), Project Morpheus Simulation Lab, iPas, and several NExSyS facilities.  Adam managed the entire IT life cycles of these systems, primarily using Linux OS configurations, for software development and/or training facilities.  In addition, he served as a NASA property custodian, where he was responsible for tens of millions of dollars worth of NASA IT assets. Welcome, Adam!