Monthly Archives: December 2014

METECS To Support RWS Flight Software Development

METECS was recently tasked by the Johnson Space Center’s ER6 branch to provide flight software development, integration and test services for two key piece of the ISS robotics system. METECS personnel will be responsible for two of the three software components executing on the ISS in the Robotic Workstation (RWS), the “command and control” center on the ISS for the Mobile Servicing System, including the 57 foot long Canadarm2, and the smaller, more dexterous, two armed robot, “Dextre”. One of the components, the “Workstation Host Software” (WHS), is responsible for shuttling/managing all of the commands and telemetry passing to/from the MSS components. The second component, the “Video Graphics Software” (VGS), is responsible for overlaying key graphical aids on the RWS monitors, used by the crew to monitor robotic systems and operations, including the approach, capture, and berthing of visiting vehicles, such as the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

Congratulations Orion Team on EFT1

Congratulations Lockheed Martin and the entire Orion Team on the successful launch and recovery of the Orion spacecraft during its first flight test!  This uncrewed test of the the various Orion systems such as avionics, heat shielding, and parachutes is a huge milestone in creating a vehicle that will eventually transport humans to Mars.  METECS looks forward to contributing to many future Orion milestones!