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Goodbye Summer 2014 Interns

METECS would like to thank the summer 2014 interns for their impressive contributions this summer.  Nathan worked on getting a Hexapod Robotics (6 legged) simulation to walk, which included coordinating motion between multiple legs and integrating 5 software packages.  Leon created the Pong contact models for the Hexpod Robotics simulation and created a parser to scatter rocks at given locations on the surface of Phobos, one of Mars’ moons, in a simulation environment.  Fino worked on a head tracking system in a dome with 8 screens, which included dynamically adjusting the field-of-view and perspective.  Raymond created a graphing function for visualizing administrative data and simplified the company payroll process through automation.  Additionally, the interns had fun touring Mission Control Center Houston, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, the Virtual Reality Lab, and Rocket Park.  Thanks interns for joining us this summer and good luck during your fall semester!Summer2014MetecsInterns