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Congratulations TO Bob Culpepper

Congratulations Bob Culpepper on your retirement!  Everyone really enjoyed the retirement party where we celebrated Bob’s long and inspirational career in the Aerospace Industry.  Special thanks to those who organized the party and those who sent in great stories for Bob’s memory book.  It is amazing how many people’s lives Bob has impacted throughout his career.  Bob is responsible for hiring and managing some of the most talented men and women that work in the space program.  Bob’s current and past colleagues had the following to say about him:

  • “You were well accomplished in all your endeavors, achieving admirable pinnacles while maintaining a high degree of technical and ethical performance and always making sure that those around you received the guidance and support to succeed.”
  • “He did a superb job of balancing the needs of his company with the needs of the government and always gave us a fair perspective.”
  • “You have left your imprint on the space program and I was always honored to work with you.”
  • “Your “Baptist minister” training also helped bring a human touch to the technical side of starting and developing a small business.”
METECS appreciates all of Bob’s contributions to the company.  In particular, “his most important contribution was as mentor for the company’s conscience. He taught us the importance of trying to treat our employees fairly, not being too greedy, and maintaining a strong moral compass.”  Even though Bob is retiring, METECS will continue to benefit from the integrity and morality that, thanks to Bob’s influence, is such a strong part of our company culture.

Enjoy your retirement Bob!  It was truly an honor to work with you!