Monthly Archives: August 2012

METECS Supports the ISS Cupola Mock-Up Demo

Congratulations TS21 on the excellent demo this month!  With only 3 months notice, each of the TS21 subsystems worked together to achieve the first integration of the TS21 ISS, CTNS, and Generic Visiting Vehicle simulations  with User Support Services and Graphics in the Integration Rig.  METECS’s contribution to planning, integration, and testing helped make the final product a resounding success.

The demo simulated an HTV 30 meter approach scenario by interfacing 3 simulations using HLA for interoperability.  Specific METECS contributions  included graphics integration and interfacing vehicle dynamics via HLA.  The METECS software package mRest was used to start the simulations and provide simulation health and status monitoring.

The next demo will involve a capture scenario using the METECS built PONG LEE/GF contact model and will premier the new software package, Dynamic State Management (DSM).