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We are delighted to welcome aboard the newest addition to the METECS team.  Frank DiGiuseppe has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Dean’s List) from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (concentration in robotics and computer vision) from McGill University.  While completing his Master’s degree, Frank participated in the International Space University (ISU) summer session in Toulouse France in 1991 where he experienced an intensive 10 week graduate level, multidisciplinary program involving students from all over the world.  A large part of the program is a class design project resulting in a comprehensive professional quality report.  During his summer session the project subject was an international Mars mission.  Frank spent 5 years working for a small factory automation company, Xiris Inc., in Oakville Canada, as a project/systems engineer where he was responsible for the design, programming, installation, and commissioning of machine vision systems employed in a variety of automated assembly/inspection/sorting lines.  Project requirements included strict cost and schedule limits and he was often the sole company interface to the customer.  Customers of systems he personally installed included Chrysler, Volkswagen, Texas Instruments, and 3M among others.  In 1998 he moved to (what was then) Spar Aerospace, in Brampton Canada, the designers/builders of the Canadarm and the Mobile Servicing System (MSS) for the International Space Station (ISS).  For over two years he worked as a Software Systems engineer as part of a small team responsible for the software interface between the ISS avionics and the Robotic Workstation (RWS – the top level MSS avionics box).  He was an integral part of resolving software interface and integration issues.  He was also intimately involved in various MSS integration and test (I&T) activities leading up to final acceptance and hardware delivery to KSC.  In late 2000 Frank was transferred from (now) MDA Brampton to their subsidiary office in Houston Texas, where he was able to leverage his deep and comprehensive MSS systems knowledge in support of on-orbit MSS operations as well NASA/CSA software I&T activities.  He was a key member (and eventually one of the leads) of the Extra-Vehicular Robotics (EVR) console in the ISS Mission Evaluation Room (MER) where he supported every Shuttle mission to the ISS from 5A.1 to ULF7, providing engineering support to all MSS operations.  He was also responsible for providing robotics systems support to MSS software I&T efforts at the NASA Software Development and Integration Lab (SDIL), including installing, configuring, and operating the MSS avionics data simulator.  Finally, he also worked supporting the Space Station Training Facility (SSTF) helping resolve sim to flight software integration issues.  Over the course of his years at MDA Houston he was the recipient of several NASA group and individual achievement awards including the Space Flight Awareness award and the Silver Snoopy.  Welcome aboard Frank!


Congratulations SpaceX on your successful mission! METECS is proud to have supported this incredible achievement by providing the dynamic simulation used to analyze grappling, berthing and other cargo operations associated with the SSRMS and the Dragon capsule. We feel privileged to have participated in this historic event!