Monthly Archives: September 2011

MBDYN v2.15 released

Version 2.15 of the flexible multi-body dynamics package “MBDYN” was released today. Highlights of new the release include:

  • Synchronized Trick 10 and Trick 07 MBDYN interfaces
  • Enhanced interface routines for:
    • Obtaining system center of mass state
    • Updating rigid properties of a body after initialization
  • New Capabilities:
    • Dynamically add generic pointers to MBDYN groups, bodies and POIs for associating non-MBDYN data with select MBDYN structures
    • Dynamically add collect elements to POI and joint collects

METECS is proud of our contributions to MBDYN and congratulates the developers of this great product.


METECS co-presented a paper with NASA and explored potential collaborations which could leverage our mREST product and our NASA experience with Test and Simulation Orchestration.


Congrats Dextre!

METECS congratulates NASA, CSA, and MDA on the successful completion of Dextre’s first ISS maintenance task.   We are proud of the simulation, training, and analysis work we performed in support of this ground breaking operation.  METECS now looks forward to the new challenges associated with the expanding envelope of on-orbit robotic capabilities.