Monthly Archives: May 2011

MBDYN v2.10 released

Version 2.10 of the flexible multi-body dynamics package “MBDYN” was released today. Some new features include:

  • Added system center of mass interface routines. Added condition variable of mass matrix.
  • Enhanced Points of Interest (POIs) to handle flex.
  • Moved documents to appropriate docs folder. Added readme for the sims (SIM_README.txt).
  • Added MBDYN presentation to docs area.

Congratulations to the developers of this great product.

EDGE v2.2 released

EDGE v2.2 was released today and represents the culmination of many months of effort, both in bug fixes and new features.

EDGE v2.2 screenshot

A screenshot from EDGE v2.2 showing ISS and HTV

Some of these new features include:

  • Blooming and Ambient Occlusion
  • Auto-iris capability
  • ATI/AMD hardware support
  • Movie recording and offline rendering
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Frame locking across multiple displays
  • Tcl/Tk upgrade to 8.5
  • Trails/Breadcrumbs
  • DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD)
  • Ability to scale models on load
  • TRICK 10 Simulation support
  • New debugging tools
  • Mac support
  • Windows support
  • … many others

Congratulations to all of the developers who have worked so hard on this new release.