Monthly Archives: April 2011

Welcome aboard Jason!

METECS would like to welcome our new team member, Jason Plummer.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, class of 1992, with a sub-speciality in Mechanical Engineering. Jason also holds a Masters of Science from the University of Alabama Birmingham, class of 1996, with a sub-speciality in Finite Element Biomechanics and Automotive Safety.

At the NASA Johnson Space Center, Jason played an instrumental role in the design, architecture, and implementation of the both the Constellation Training Facility software development lab (CxTF, now called the TS21 lab) and the Orion Integration Demo Rig in Building 5. Prior to that Jason worked for 7 and a half years in the telecommunication industry; first as a network administrator, and then later as a system design engineer in the public safety 2-way radio division. As a system design engineer, Jason was responsible for the synthesis and maturity of new business requirements for OS/application provisioning, disaster recovery, and business continuance in the public safety radio products.

We are very excited to add Jason to our team. Welcome aboard Jase-Man!