Monthly Archives: September 2009

A note for students at Fall Career Fairs

This September METECS is busy visiting Engineering Career Fairs at universities. We
have put together a collection of videos, demos, and information so that each student
who visits our booth will walk away with an understanding of the exciting work that
METECS has to offer.

METECS is a small company based on site at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Our primary
focus is on simulation work which relies heavily on programming and utilizing
engineering skills. Although each individual at METECS is unique, we all share a strong
work ethic, good communication skills, and an overwhelming enthusiasm for contributing
to the space industry.

We encourage everyone from freshmen to senior undergraduate students along with
graduate students to visit our booth and learn more about us. If METECS sounds like the
type of company you envision yourself working for, make sure you introduce yourself to
us, ask questions, and give us your resume.

We look forward to meeting you!

PONG v2.0 Beta Released

METECS is proud to announce the release of version 2.0 beta of PONG. Congratulations
to the employees who have put so much great work into this tool.

PONG is a contact dynamics modeling tool that communicates and interacts with Blender,
an open source graphics package. PONG takes the creations of users within Blender and
exports data files to a real-time contact dynamics engine that can be embedded into
simulations. This engine will provide for detection of contact as well as calculation of
contact and frictional forces. Also, tools for visualization within Blender are included. With
all of these capabilities, PONG has been used to support NASA’s need for engineering
analysis and training with NASA’s TRICK simulations.

METECS would like to graciously thank everyone who has contributed to the
development, testing, and usage of the tool thus far. We looks forward to their continued
support as we work to move PONG v2.0 out of beta in the coming months.

Thanks to our 2009 Summer Interns

METECS would like to thank our 2009 Summer interns for their hard work this summer.

Jessica Turner, Darius Williams, and James MacLean, all did an outstanding job.
Contributions included the prototyping of a real-time contact dynamics engine within our
simulations, the development of a 3 DOF translational hand controller for use with space
vehicle simulations and simulation development, and the construction of a plastic hand
controller grip.

We hope that all of our interns had an exciting summer with us, and we wish them the
best in their future endeavors.