Monthly Archives: April 2009

A note for Purdue students

Hello to all of the Purdue students!

METECS will be attending the upcoming career fair at Purdue University, and we would
like to say a special hello to all those who are checking out the website and the company.

As a brief introduction, METECS is a small company currently focused on simulation work
at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

This work requires students with strong work ethic, good communication skills (since our
employee often correspond with the customer directly), good engineering skills, and a
desire to program (the work involves engineering tasks that are normally accomplished
through programming simulations).

If a small company with a dynamic work environment is something you are looking for,
we would love to talk with you!

See you there.

Welcome aboard Angela!

Angela Reeves is the latest addition to the METECS team and we are very excited to have
her as a member.

Angela recently graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in
Aerospace Engineering. She developed an interest in dynamic modeling and simulation
while contributing to a guided missile model at an internship located in her hometown of
Plano, Texas. While in school, Angela led a six person team (which included another
METECS recent hire, Thomas Brain) in a project which led to gaining Johnson Space
Center’s support to launch the Modeling and Simulation Initiative at the University of
Texas. This team successfully modeled, simulated, and animated a six degree of freedom
rendezvous scenario. This task included interfacing TRICK – the simulation software used
at Johnson Space Center – with the animation software in the UT Visualization Lab.

Welcome aboard Angela!

Welcome aboard Bryce!

We are very happy to announce a new member on the METECS team.

Bryce Kovel is a recent graduate of the University of Texas where he obtained an M.S. in
Aerospace Engineering. While in Austin, Bryce was responsible for the rendezvous
analysis of LSTAR, a mission design project that won second place in the national Ra-scal
graduate competition. His undergraduate work was done at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
University where he obtained his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering.

Welcome aboard Bryce!