A New Group of Tennessee Students Learn about Space Robotics

Patrick McCartney, a robotics simulation engineer at METECS, spoke to a group of high
school students at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Tennessee last week. Mr.
McCartney spoke at Cleveland High School last fall and was invited to come speak again
to a new group of students who will be studying biomedical engineering as part of
“Project Lead the Way”.

Patrick talked about the history of the US space program, provided some examples of
how technology developed at NASA has been applied in the medical field, and then
transitioned into how robotic manipulators are currently being used to assemble the
International Space Station. He also presented detailed information about work he
recently performed preparing a high-fidelity simulation to analyze a robotic operation on
the Space Station and another application that is being used to develop a rescue scenario
for the upcoming Hubble Space Telescope maintenance mission.

It was clear from the numerous questions that the students were very interested in the
material being presented. Patrick would like to thank everyone who came and also for
being very respectful and attentive during the event. Patrick would also like to thank
teacher Erin Hattabaugh for the opportunity to share about his work at METECS and with

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