Metecs’ creative team produces 2018 Maui Jim Invitational bracket release promo for KemperLesnik in Chicago. The Maui Jim Invitational is the premier early-season college basketball2018 Maui Invitational tournament which airs on ESPN.

Flint Hills VR Presentation at the 2018 AFPM Conference

FlintHillsPresentation_01METECS team supports Flint Hills Resources “High Consequence Simulation Through Virtual Reality” presentation using a wireless HTC Vive to a packed Grand Ballroom at the 2018 AFPM National Occupational and Process Safety Conference in San Antonio.


METECS is excited to welcome five interns to the team this summer!  Ethan Dickey is a Software Engineering major and Physics minor going into his sophomore year at Baylor University.  He enjoys coding in his free time and wants to pursue research in Quantum Computing in graduate school and beyond.  Rebekah McCartney is an incoming Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  She spends her free time working on cars and being active in the Purdue Drumline.  Austin Gonzalez is a senior Computer Engineering major at Texas A&M and is graduating in December 2018.  He was the President of the Aggie AI Society for 2 years and looks forward to doing future work in AI and Machine Learning.  Andy Hudson is currently a Junior at the University of Texas at Dallas. He has 9 years of experience as a simulation hobbyist and is planning to do deep learning research after graduation.  Lorenzo Lucchese attends Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ and is entering his senior year pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with an emphasis in robotics.  He is a second year METECS intern and returned this summer to continue his work with linear actuators.  We look forward to an exciting and productive summer with Ethan, Rebekah, Austin, Andy, and Lorenzo!

John Maclean speaks at the 2018 AFPM National Conference

METECS president, John MacLean, was the guest speaker at the 2018 American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) National Conference in New Orleans. John’s TechTalk presentation was well attended on “Application of Emerging Technologies to Virtual Training”.  METECS also had VR simulations from Ditch Witch and Flint Hills Resources on-site at the conference that were highlighted by the AFPM publications.


METECS is excited to welcome Ahmed Fayed to the team! Fayed is a graduate from Purdue University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics and Computer Science. He was born in Memphis, TN when his parents came from Egypt to the states for their PhDs. He worked on his own microprocessor and his senior design project is titled “Virtual-Reality Based Cognitive Training Program”. Fayed had a Computer Organization & Architecture class where he studied microprocessors. As a sole project he implemented the, codename, “Pride Processor” on an FPGA chip, namely Altera Cyclone IV. It clocked the fasted single core 5-stage pipe lined design microprocessor on campus! He was accepted to publish a research paper on the project in the Intl. Conference on Applied Cognitive Computing in the World Congress of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing 2018 in Las Vegas this past July. The design involves the user wearing both an HTC Vive and an EEG headset. He used their brain to control the VR world around them. The objective was to train focus and improve attention span.


AR Street Party at AWE….John MacLean, METECS president, and team present a customlow-light Hololens AR presentation to clients on the street of Sunnyvale, CA while at the2018 Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, CA.AWE_01


METECS is excited to have Joseph Bourque join the team!  Joseph graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science on May, 19th 2018.  While at UT, he began to branch out from application development into lower level systems programming and computer graphics.  As part of his coursework he developed an SD card driver as part of a group operating systems project and and chose to take classes and electives aligned with his interests such as: Compilers, Neural Networks, and Computer Graphics.  While at UT he also completed several side projects on his own time, including: a physical simulation for rolling dice for one of the faculty members in the Math department which is currently being used as a visual aid in curriculum, an undergraduate research project dealing with procedural terrain generation using simplex noise, raw OpenGL and FLTK for a user interface, and created his own pen and paper RPG system interface using Python. Currently he is working on creating a shell for controlling the components for one of his Raspberry Pi projects and is also working to refine the pre-mentioned RPG program. Welcome, Joseph!


John MacLean, METECS president, is guest presenter and panel member at the Technology Collaboration Center’s “Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality” Workshop hosted by Schlumberger, Houston.   John is joined by industry experts from NASA, KBRWyle, Schlumberger, Wood and others.


METECS is thrilled to have Brett Parrish join the team! Brett received his BSEE degree from the University of Cincinnati and has completed 30+ additional graduate level engineering course hours at the University of Houston and Rice University.  He started as a NASA/JSC coop in 1976, became a full time NASA employee in 1979, retired in Jan 2018 and began working for Metecs in April 2018.  Over the course of his career Brett concentrated on advanced electronics, embedded software and computer LAN design and seventeen of his hardware designs have flown in space.  The early part of Brett’s career centered around analog and digital radio development for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs.  Mid-career centered around upgrading the Shuttle, ISS and MCC communications systems to support emerging commercial interface standards leading to the first computer LANs to fly in space as part of a series of Space Shuttle DTO flight demos.  Brett worked with Intel and Cisco to develop the first Video Teleconferencing system as well as the first telephone system to fly in space at a time when commercial systems could not tolerate the extreme round trip delay, long dropouts and high bit error rate of NASA satellite links.  He is particularly proud to have personally received the second telephone call ever placed by an on-orbit astronaut.  Major NASA awards include the JSC Director’s Commendation, two NASA Exceptional Achievement Medals, the astronaut office Silver Snoopy Award, the NASA Headquarters Outstanding Achievement award, and also JSC center director’s nominations for the Vice President’s Hammer Award and the Rotary Stellar Award.  Several of Brett’s projects have received full page articles in NASA’s Space News Roundup, most notably April 94 “Speed Writing” and June 2001 “ISS Phone Home”. Welcome, Brett!


METECS is excited to welcome its newest team member, Phuong Nguyen! Phuong graduated with a B.S in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude from University of Houston – Clear Lake. After working on a variety of software projects, she finished a M.S in Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude from American Sentinel University (American College of Computer & Information Sciences). Her first co-op work was creating C parser programs to analyze Space Shuttle Assembly language programs using Live Parsing editor at IBM Houston. After graduation, she participated in a database application and engine development for telecoms, storage companies, and then moved to IT companies for software development to test hardware and verify configuration that automates manufacturing processes. She was also involved in writing server applications for resource partitioning and management before switching to energy companies where she concentrated on desktop tools and applications to automate generating GUIs, client deliverables including images, movies, reports by embedding GUI Objects in the vendor software, and automating the workflow of CoreHD operations on CT images. Additionally, she helped write software to archive acquisition data in various seismic industry standard formats where she was one of the pioneers in the software development group implementing seismic viewer applications using third party SDKs and the image processing using OpenCV. Welcome, Phuong!